Operation Peacekeeper

Operation Peacekeeper

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During a meeting of German and Serbian armed forces a Serbian Officer is shot down by an unknown sniper. Caused by some misunderstandings a gunfight between Serbian and German soldiers starts which causes casualties on both sides. The conflict gets worse after German and Serbian tanks as well as German Bo 105 helicopter join the battle as reinforcements. In the following battle neither the Germans nor the Serbians can declare a victory. During the following 2 month the Serbian army occupies parts of the Kosovo; the KFOR forces fall back to reinforce and regroup. Because of the Topography and the scattered units there is no clear front line. There are battles in the following areas:

Ambush: A bridge controlled by the Serbians, which is very important for the resupply of the KFOR groups. Task of the KFOR groups is to secure the bridge

Deceitful peace: A village which is occupied by the Serbian forces and used as a base. Task of the Serbian army is to defend this village and base towards the German attackers. Task of the KFOR is to reoccupy the village

Kosovo Border: The Serbian military has the task to capture a frontier post, cut of the KFOR resupply and to weaken the combat strength of the KFOR forces

Operation Grace: An area which is demanded by the Serbian forces and secured with a base. Task of the Serbian army is to stop the passing of KFOR convoys by capturing strategic points. The KFOR has to secure points to ensure their convoys have a safe route through the area

Secret Resources: An area which is heavily fought by Serbian and KFOR forces. Each forces are trying to capture strategic points.

Checkpoints: The Serbian army is controlling important key positions in this area. Therefore the German army has the task to conquer and control this area. Serbian task is to defend the area against KFOR forces.

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